Digital Marketing Trends That Are Here to Stay

lasting trends in digital marketing

Adaptability is a fundamental skill for marketers nowadays, as it showcases resourcefulness and is crucial for longevity. 

So, naturally, keeping up with the newest digital marketing trends is no longer an option. It has become a necessity if you want to remain relevant in this business.

Nonetheless, there may not be such a thing as “timeless” marketing trends (although content as king is still going strong), but there seem to be some key digital marketing trends that are here to stay.

From the newest trends to timeless pieces of marketing advice, navigating the digital marketing landscape can sometimes be confusing. However, there’s no need to worry. Keep reading to find out more about these enduring digital marketing trends!

From developments in technology to changes in consumer behavior and attitudes, several factors can lead to changes in the digital marketing landscapes, and, consequently, to the way digital marketers communicate with their audiences.

Nonetheless, while it is crucial for digital marketers to monitor trends, so they have an edge over the competition, it would be superficial to assume that they change their entire brand around social media trends. 

In fact, trend-chasing and trying everything at once can often do more damage than good. 

Bottom line? The golden rule also applies to digital marketing trends: quality over quantity. 

It is essential to adapt to digital marketing changes and join trends but make sure that they fit your brand. Besides, keep in mind that you shouldn’t do everything at once, as this will only confuse and overwhelm your target audience. 

Some “trends”, however, have, in time, become cornerstones of successful digital marketing strategies. They are rather evergreen rather than seasonal.

Eager to incorporate these trends in your digital marketing strategy? Then, keep reading!

1. Create Digestible Content

Did you know that, according to Microsoft, people usually lose concentration after approximately 8 seconds? So, it’s no wonder that content that is easy to consume is the new king.

Easily digestible content comes in various formats but is essentially all about delivering a message to the audience in the shortest way possible.

Here are some options that you can explore:

  • Videos: Viewers retain 95% of messages when watching a video and only 10% when reading the same information, so it’s no surprise that video marketing is gaining more and more popularity. From social media stories to product reviews or interviews, there are a lot of options that you can explore. Want to find out more? Check out our article on video marketing!
  • Podcasts: From interviews to entertaining stories or morning briefs, podcasts are gaining more and more popularity. People listen to podcasts on their commute to work, during their workout or when they are doing chores, hence they are probably the easiest content form to digest. It’s no wonder that podcasts are experiencing a steady increase in popularity among Americans
  • Infographics: The easiest way to make research or statistics easily digestible. As the name suggests, infographics are graphics that present data visually and enjoyably.
  • Shorter blog posts: Blog posts are a cornerstone of content marketing, and they are here to stay. They are a great way to educate your audience and answer questions. Nonetheless, their format has slightly changed. Blog posts don’t necessarily need to be lengthy in order to be insightful.

2. Focus on Personalization 

Do you remember our post on the importance of audience segmentation in the digital age? Well, personalized strategies and campaigns go hand in hand with audience segmentation.

After all, what better way to form strong connections that further lead to customer satisfaction and retention than through personalized buyer journeys? In the digital era, when your business has the potential to reach a broad audience, a unified marketing strategy just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Having said that, by conducting audience segmentation and creating buyer personas, creating personalized, tailor-made content strategies for each audience segment becomes easier. 

Did you know that 58% of people have found a local business via voice search in the last 12 months? 

AI-powered voice assistants have made it possible to search for things online without even touching your phone. So, while optimizing for voice search may mean going that extra mile, it is also crucial for user experience and web accessibility. 
Considering that approximately 55% of American households are expected to own a smart speaker in 2022, optimizing for voice search should be treated as a priority.

4. Invest in Conversational Marketing

This highly personalized form of marketing facilitates one-to-one communication between your brand and your customers in real time. In fact, 90% of consumers want to communicate with businesses through messages.

Considering how busy people are nowadays, it’s no surprise that they want to communicate with brands on their own terms and skip the cold calls and random, generic emails. 

Essentially, conversational marketing applies a user-centric approach, focusing on engaging with customers and fostering authentic relationships with them.

From live chats to messaging apps or chatbots, there are many options when it comes to incorporating conversational marketing into your digital marketing strategy. 

5. Integrate User-Generated Content in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

People are used to hearing brands promote their products and services, so that’s a reason why they would doubt what a brand’s campaign is saying.

Needless to say, user-generated content is just the social proof that people might need to see in order to make a decision. In fact, there has been an increase of 29% in web conversions when websites included user-generated content. 

The epitomization of word-of-mouth marketing, user-generated content, consists of reviews, videos, and images posted by consumers. 

84% of Millennials admitted that user-generated content on company websites influences what they buy, so it is safe to say that user-generated content represents the social proof that people need. Thus, by engaging and re-posting user-generated content, brands can capitalize on this form of word-of-mouth marketing and present prospects with the social proof they require. 

In this ever-changing online environment, choosing which trends to follow may get overwhelming. Still, while some trends are timely, some also have the potential to be timeless.

These trends are all about taking your digital marketing strategy to the next level and, consequently,  bringing more quality to your brand. In the end, your utmost priority should be making your users’ experience more enjoyable and increasing customer satisfaction.

Are you eager to upgrade your digital marketing strategy but don’t know where to start? Feeling overwhelmed is normal, but having the right digital marketing consulting team next to you will make this journey not only enjoyable but also successful.

Ready to upgrade your digital marketing strategy? Contact the CadenceSEO team today!

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