Setting Up Animal Nutrition Company For SEO Success After Website Redesign

Kalmbach Feeds beautiful chickens

Our animal feed producer delivers only the best farm animal feed nutrition with ingredients that meet uncompromising standards. 

They were looking for an SEO agency that could help them dive into the SEO realm and create a strategy to help them gain more organic search rankings.

Getting All Our Ducks in A Row
With a recent redesign of their website, we knew there would be potential to find many errors after we ran an audit of their site.

Quick SEO Fixes

Many issues were found, including broken links and other errors that we would address immediately to improve their Google ranking.

Content Strategy

After extensive keyword and competitor research, we were able to develop a plan around what keywords they wanted to target and create content outlines around them.

Kalmbach content

With our content recommendations, our client was able to build a comprehensive, educational blog for their audience.

Kalmbach Rankings

Happy As a Pig in the Mud
Since working with our client in August 2021, we only have triumphant results to share!

Organic Sessions

  • 78% increase in sessions

Keyword Rankings:

  • 60% increase in Google
  • Rankings (Tracked)
  • 6842% increase in Tracked Keyword Positions (Google)
  • 2187% increase in Tracked Keyword Positions (Bing)

Wanna Be Next?

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