About CadenceSEO

We feel that an open line of communication is what makes for a successful campaign and relationship. If we don’t understand what you are doing and you don’t know what we are doing we are not on the same page. All of our client relationships start out with weekly check-in calls until we feel that they are no longer necessary but then move to, at minimum, bi-weekly.

We have heard horror stories of clients who did not get along with their agency but were not able to get out of the contract so they continued to pay while getting nothing in return. We never want that to be the case when working with us. Our relationships function essentially on a month-to-month basis, with a two-week out at any time for any reason. Although most of our clients stay with us long term we want you to know that you have the ability to leave if it is not working out.

Working with CadenceSEO means that you will be working with subject matter experts. Your main point of contact should be able to answer most questions upfront, but you will also have access to the whole team to get your questions answered expeditiously.

We feel heavily that SEO is not full of secrets or magic pixie dust. We will help make sense of what we are doing, while educating your team along the journey. The more your team knows and understands, the easier our job becomes, and the more successful you will be.

The Cadence

SEO Difference

Cadence is About Effectiveness and Efficiency

At CadenceSEO, we believe in doing things in a different and better way. Our SEO Consulting Services are designed with you in mind.  Our client-centric, high engagement, and transparency-focused approach work for companies of all sizes.  


Cadence was founded by Christy Olsen and Kevin McLauchlin, both SEO nerds themselves.

Years ago, Christy’s first husband passed away leaving her widowed with 5 kids.

Meanwhile, Kevin was stuck in a loop of depression, self-sabotage, and alcohol addiction. (Both had not met yet.)

To provide for her kids, Christy got a job at an SEO agency and quickly learned the ropes, becoming their top salesperson in her first year through sheer willpower and annoying other SEOs with too many questions (as Kevin also turned his life around).

They eventually crossed paths, fell in love and married, began marathoning, then co-founded Cadence out of Christy’s frustration about the cost and quality of the work she was selling.

They vowed to start a selfless company that would put people above profit and always do the right thing. (Even if it stung sometimes.)

Those values have led to explosive growth for Cadence and its partners.

Kevin and Christy, Cadence SEO founders

The Team




Communication is the key to success of any Digital Marketing Campaign.

Open and Honest

We believe that having and open and honest chain of communication creates an environment that creates success.


Any business relationship not built on trust is destined to fail.

Our Responsibility

Gaining your trust is our responsibility and is not taken lightly.


We understand that every situation is going to be different and needs to be treated as so.


When things change, we need to be able to do the same. Flexibility is key to being agile.


We never want our clients to feel stuck.

No Contracts

Each and every client works essentially on a month-to-month basis.