A New Site Structure Brings Major Win For Geospatial Software Company

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Need a Refresh?

Geospatial software, aerial imagery, and analytics platform, Eagleview offers property insights for smarter planning, building, and efficiency.

While Eagleview is a successful provider in a multitude of industries, its website needed a bit of work to continue to deliver that same experience online.

Once CadenceSEO ran their initial audit, they realized that Eagleview’s URL taxonomy could be majorly improved and better organized.

Let’s Get Organized
Creating a new site structure would better help Google recognize which pages are the most important.

This would be used to Eagleview’s advantage to help search engines learn which pages should be ranking the highest.

With this project, our team of strategists would help recommend a new site structure that would provide a cleaner look, a better user experience, and a thumbs up from Google!

Site Structure Eagleview
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A Little Organization Goes a Long Way…

Our partnership with Eagleview began in August 2021 and we have seen a remarkable amount of growth since then.

Organic Sessions
127.09% increase in sessions

Referring Domains

eagleview referring domains chart

Want to Learn How We Can Help You?

Just one strategy session gave Eagleview the insight needed to save their website. Perhaps one session with us is all you need.