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Outbound Lead Generation

Email marketing is one of the best digital marketing channels available!

When it comes to email marketing and B2C consumers, a more traditional approach is often enough to keep the leads coming in. However, for those in the B2B sector, an outbound approach is often more successful when it comes to lead generation tactics. This is where cold email marketing comes into play.

What is Cold Email Marketing?

Targeted cold emails result in open rates between 14% and 23%, depending on the industry.

The average open rate for emails varies by industry; however, the average overall is approximately 20%. That means, when approached correctly, cold email marketing has the potential of outperforming traditional email marketing efforts.

But what exactly is cold email marketing?

Cold email marketing is a strategy that involves your marketing team reaching out to prospective leads instead of waiting for prospective leads to come to you. Traditional email marketing is considered an effective inbound marketing strategy and a successful one at that. When done right, this inbound marketing strategy helps attract prospective new leads to your brand.

Managed Service

Cold Email Marketing As A Managed Service

Cold email marketing as an outbound lead generation tactic can be beneficial if done right. However, not everyone is comfortable or familiar with the process of researching new leads using Email finder tool, and creating the necessary content that will hook these leads and get them interested in what you have to offer.

Therefore, many marketing teams turn to a cold email marketing managed service to help them get started, such as the managed cold outbound services provided by CadenceSEO.

Here’s what you get when you choose our managed cold email marketing services:

Custom Domain

If you want your messages to come off as professional, you can’t be sending messages from a free email domain such as or Instead, you want a professional domain name that represents your company.

Our managed cold email marketing services provide you with one domain name that allows you to send your messages from a professional domain, such as

Campaign Platform 

Once you’ve got your domain set up and ready to go, you need to choose your campaign platform. We help you choose the right platform to build the best cold email campaigns possible.

We ensure that your platform has everything you need to run a successful email campaign, including:

  • Personalization features
  • Tracking/Analytics
  • Email Automation, etc.

SMTP Relay Set Up

A simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) relay is a process that helps to ensure your emails are getting to your recipient’s inboxes.

Traditional email services, such as Google, aren’t equipped to send bulk messages. An SMTP relay is a set of commands that allow you to evade these email services’ ISP constraints and allow you to use your email domain from any desired service.

This can be a complicated process if you don’t know how to set it up yourself. Our managed cold email marketing services simplifies this process by setting it all up for you!

Contacts Supplied 

As part of our managed services, we do the research and provide you with the most relevant email contacts we believe you should be reaching out to.

We gather this information through different means, including LinkedIn Targeting, which allows us to create relevant ads for your brand, targeting your ideal audience. We analyze these ads carefully and collect appropriate names and user information from those who interact with your ads in some way, giving you a viable lead worth exploring.


Have an idea of what you want to say in your cold emails, but not quite sure how to say it? Then let CadenceSEO help! Our professional team knows how to craft the right content for your cold emails – content that will get readers excited about who you are and what you have to offer.

Custom Booking Link

A crucial part of cold email marketing as an outbound lead generation tool is to get these individuals interested in what you have to offer and take some sort of action, such as networking with you on various social media websites or booking an appointment to speak with you.

This is why we include a custom booking link as part of our managed cold email marketing services. This link can be placed within your introductory email content as your call to action (CTA) and allows recipients to book a meeting with you right from the email. Once an appointment has been booked, it will automatically be placed on your calendar.

Why Cold email marketing?

What sets cold email marketing apart is that it’s considered an outbound marketing strategy – meaning you must go search out prospective leads yourself. This includes researching people within your industry that could benefit from whatever it is you have to offer. From there, you need to find the best email address to reach them and send them what’s considered a cold message.

A cold message is a message that the receiver hasn’t asked for. In traditional email marketing, leads opt-in to receiving messages from you. Cold email messaging involves you reaching out and introducing yourself, your brand and inviting the individual to take a specific action, such as network further, reply to your message, etc.

When done correctly, you can use cold email marketing to not only build brand awareness but build your professional network and start building long-lasting, trusting relationships with those within your industry – potentially leading to a new customer if you play your cards right!

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