Roofing manufacturer quadruples organic traffic in under a year SEO Case Study

Unexpected Obstacle

Onduline provides innovative roofing solutions, operating in more than 100 countries and employing hundreds around the world. 

They sought to expand their US footprint.

But suddenly, organic traffic declined: quickly, sharply, daily.

They spent endless hours analyzing and troubleshooting, but couldn’t figure out what happened. Nothing worked.

In one month, organic traffic sank 86 percent.

Ahrefs snapshot of Onduline's organic traffic drop.


Fortunately, their marketing manager opened our cold email and booked a strategy session.

One strategist saw the problem in seconds: Someone had noindexed the site.

Simply removing the noindex tag returned their organic traffic back to normal.

Onduline was so impressed they decided to partner with us.

Next Level

We noticed Onduline did not have any educational content on their website.

Secondly, bigger home improvement giants, Lowes and Home Depot, were outranking Onduline for Onduline’s own products.

Our strategists devised a simple plan.

“Our strategy was to get noticed by DIY’ers. To do that, we needed content that would inspire them to build new projects and show them how to bring their ideas to life.”

Emily Wallace Profile - Cadence SEO
Emily Wallace
Content Strategist

Our SEO strategists create keyword-rich content outlines to attract potential DIY (Do It Yourself) home improvement customers.

Truconnect content
Onduline SEO Content Examples

Copywriters execute outlines as original and compelling content.

Slaying Giants

Since November 2021 we’ve seen incredible growth.

Onduline Organic Search Results via GA
keyword ranking improvement

The Best Part

The client now outranks Home Depot and Lowes.

onduline vs lowes search results
Onduline SEO Results

And DIY builders all over the US have brought dreams to life with Onduline’s roofing products.

Wanna Be Next?

Just one strategy session gave Onduline the insight needed to save their business. Perhaps one session with us is all you need