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Positioned at the forefront of the industry, this document processing provider merges speed with intelligence, swiftly transforming complex documents into actionable data.

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Spotlighting Services and Solutions: Clear, comprehensive service pages are vital for converting clients. We helped them build out solution and service pages that detail exactly what they offer.


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Challenge Unveiled

Existing clients loved them, but branded keywords kept their document management services almost invisible to new audiences. Expanding their keyword strategy would unlock a world full of potential customers!

Strategic Innovations

Our crew of SEO nerds set out on a mission to develop a comprehensive strategy detailed by a site audit, keyword research, and competitor analysis.

Engaging Content Strategy

organic traffic

Detailed Services & Solutions: Clear, comprehensive service pages are key to converting website visitors into customers. We helped build out informative solution and service pages that detail exactly what they offer. This allows potential clients to quickly understand how the services can solve their specific document processing challenges, leading them to take the next step and contact them.

Content Optimization: We crafted keyword-rich content outlines covering a diverse range of document processing topics. These detailed outlines acted as a roadmap for the team, allowing them to create high-quality blog articles that addressed the specific needs and challenges faced by potential clients. This targeted content strategy not only attracted a wider audience searching for document processing solutions, but also established them as a valuable resource within the industry.

On-Page SEO Enhancements: We didn’t stop at keyword-rich content. We implemented a comprehensive on-page SEO strategy, optimizing key elements like meta tags, headings, and internal linking. This approach ensures their website not only contains relevant content but also effectively communicates that relevance to search engines.

Link Building Mastery

Identifying Opportunities: We began by identifying high-authority industry sources that aligned well with their domain and had a significant online presence. This ensured backlinks would carry weight with search engines and reach a relevant audience.

Securing Backlinks: By reaching out to these identified sources, we secured backlinks that pointed to key pages on their website. These backlinks not only drove direct traffic but also significantly boosted the credibility of their site in the eyes of search engines. 

Enhancing Site Credibility: The accumulation of these quality backlinks would improve their overall domain authority. This authority increase played a crucial role in building trust with search engines, elevating the site’s ranking for relevant, non-branded keywords.

back link

Since joining forces with leaders in document processing solutions in 2022, our SEO strategy has significantly broadened their digital footprint. Through this partnership, we have helped enhance their online visibility and reinforced their standing as an industry leader!

Results Revealed

organic traffic

Keyword Expansion Success: They now rank for a wider range of keywords, broadening their online visibility. This allows them to capture a wider audience who might not have been aware of their services before, resulting in them having a solid, competitive edge in the industry.

Traffic Surge: The website saw a noticeable rise in organic traffic, driven by improved search engine rankings for a broader set of keywords. This means more potential clients searching for document processing solutions are easily finding their website, leading to a significant increase in website visitors interested in their services.

Enhanced Visibility: Our combined efforts in content creation and strategic link-building have further distinguished them as thought leaders, extending their influence across the industry. High-quality content positions them as an expert in document processing, while backlinks from reputable sources increase their website authority. This combination helps them stand out from competitors and establish themselves as a trusted resource for document processing solutions.

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