A Remarkable 600% Organic Traffic Jump for Biodegradable Urn Brand

Started From the Bottom

This organization is dedicated to developing and distributing unique cremation urns to families looking for eco-friendly afterlife options. 

When Christy Olsen (co-owner of Cadence) began working with the urn store, their brand visibility was fairly nonexistent. Starting from ground zero, we needed to create a stellar SEO strategy to bring online awareness. 

Flipping the Switch

Starting with keyword research and competitive analysis, this would be the main piece of the puzzle to develop an unbeatable SEO strategy moving forward.

living urn keyword growth

Organic Keywords

  • Organic keyword rankings increased by 1.2k
  • Backlinks and Referring Domains
  • Backlinks increased by 177
  • Referring domains increased by 45

This client has become a household name in the biodegradable urn industry and without their drive to invest in an effective SEO strategy, these results would not have been possible.

Content is Key

After some insight, our team knew exactly what we had to do. We would need to create phenomenal, original content and optimize key pages to help their website rank higher on Google’s algorithm.

To create content that is worth ranking, our SEO strategists built unique content outlines around keywords they were looking to rank for.

Our internal writing team formulated captivating content pieces based on the outlines.

0 to 100

Increasing brand visibility online was no easy feat. Starting from scratch, we are psyched to see incredible results and growth for our longest client.

Organic Sessions

  • 671% increase in sessions
  • 34% increase in average session time
  • 22% increase in pages per session

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