Building a Bulletproof SEO Strategy to Compete with Proposal Automation Software’s Paid Search Campaigns

Expedience Case Study

Our software provides top-notch proposal automation tools to support and guide businesses through the proposal process.

Our software client was on the search for an SEO company to help them improve their organic search to compete with the success of their paid search campaigns.

Cadence would develop a bulletproof SEO strategy to find ways that the Software could better compete with its paid search strategy.

Where do we begin?

First, we would perform an initial SEO audit to see what immediate changes we could make to appease Google’s algorithm. 

Keyword Research + Competitor Analysis

Then, extensive keyword research and a competitor analysis would be necessary to see how we could improve rankings.

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Page Optimizations

After that, we would review previously published content on their website to see what pages we could optimize for keywords they’re looking to rank for.

Content Creation

One of our internal writers would dedicate the time to create relevant, monthly articles based on content outlines optimized for target keywords.

Expedience Content

The Finish Line

We joined forces with our Software Provider in March 2022 and we have seen incredible growth and results in terms of organic traffic—so much so that their SEO is now outpacing their paid search results!

Organic Sessions

55% increase in sessions 6% increase in average session time 5% increase in pages per session

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expediance performance data
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Backlinks and Referring Domains

Backlinks increased by 381 Referring domains increased by 81

Searching for SEO experts that can help you strategize an SEO plan to compete with your paid search campaigns? We’ve got you covered with a free SEO audit to get the ball rolling.

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Build Your SEO Strategy with Cadence

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