Building a Bulletproof SEO Strategy to Compete with Proposal Automation Software’s

Expedience Case Study

Our software provides top-notch proposal automation tools to support and guide businesses through the proposal process.

Our software client was on the search for an SEO company to help them improve their organic search to compete with the success of their paid search campaigns.

Cadence would develop a bulletproof SEO strategy to find ways that the Software could better compete with its paid search strategy.

Where do we begin?

First, we would perform an initial SEO audit to see what immediate changes we could make to appease Google’s algorithm. 

Keyword Research + Competitor Analysis

Then, extensive keyword research and a competitor analysis would be necessary to see how we could improve rankings.

Page Optimization

After that, we would review previously published content on their website to see what pages we could optimize for keywords they’re looking to rank for.

Content Creation

Upon engaging our team created a content strategy based on the keyword research in order to help the client hone in on the proper keywords for their prospective clients. 

This strategy has helped the client not only inform the users of their skillset but also help Google know that they are trusted source in Proposal Automation. 

Expedience Content

Climbing a Keyword Mountain

Keyword Growth

Without Keywords Your Can't Get Traffic

The clients keyword footprint was very small and lacked a focus. Since engaging with CadenceSEO they have seen an increase of keywords by 133%. The keywords that they are ranking for today are much more targeted to their niche and have been a driver of the increase in traffic and conversions. 

Organic Traffic on the Climb

Where Organic Search Traffic is Now

After two years of working together traffic has increased by 143% year over year. 

Organic Traffic Highlights

  • 143% Increase in Organic Sessions compared to the previous year.
  • 156% Increase in Total Users compared to the previous year.
  • 97% Increase in Page Views over the previous year.
  • 148% Increase in Conversions over the previous year. 

Wanna Be Next?

Just one strategy session gives our clients the insight needed to grow their business. Perhaps one session with us is all you need.