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Our Multi-Channel Marketing Consulting Service

We are a full-service consulting firm guiding businesses of all sizes in the strategy of digital marketing.

It’s not uncommon for companies to need direction on how to effectively invest their resources.
CadenceSEO uses a 4-pillar approach to outline and execute an actionable plan that helps your organization succeed. From directing your digital marketing and SEO consulting services to cold email outreach, we develop growth strategies that drive traffic and generate revenue.

Why is Digital Marketing Important?

Digital marketing is critical in optimizing marketing strategies.

The advent of the internet and mobile devices has changed the face of consumer marketing. Now, at the touch of a button, people can access information from anywhere at any time. As a result, if businesses want to compete in the marketplace and reach customers where they are, they have to implement a strategy of digital marketing.

Through digital marketing, you can solidify your online presence and raise awareness about your brand. A digital campaign can help you stand apart from the competition by establishing yourself as an industry leader. It can also increase brand awareness so that, when a customer is ready to make a purchase, they come to you for the solutions to their problems. Digital marketing builds brand identity, strengthens customer loyalty, and helps to increase conversions.


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Why Digital Marketing

4 Major Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing isn’t just important for business success alone. It offers numerous benefits to companies wanting to generate quality leads while staying on budget. Here are 4 major ways digital marketing helps businesses to succeed.

1. It’s Affordable

Digital marketing is an extremely cost effective strategy, often more affordable than more traditional marketing methods. Organic searches, reach, and conversion rates allow you to continually adjust your campaign to be sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Digital marketing uses key performance indicators (KPIs) to determine a realistic budget.

2. Cast a Wider Net

Because you’re able to reach people on mobile devices, digital marketing allows you to cast a wider net when targeting an audience. You can use mobility to your advantage and create campaigns that categorize people by location. If you’re running a special and advertise it to someone nearby, they’re more likely to set foot in your store to take advantage of the sale.

3. Flexibility

With traditional media, ad space must be purchased far in advance to allow time for print deadlines. Digital marketing allows more flexibility with how and when you secure your promotions. Additionally, because there are so many channels available to you, you have more flexibility in how you present yourself to your audience. Social media, banner ads, and email marketing allow you to send highly targeted messages to very specific groups of people.

4. Track your Progress

Digital marketing allows you to not only target your audience, but to also track their engagement with your campaign. These metrics help you to understand which of your efforts are paying off and which need reconsideration. By knowing which strategies are yielding results, you can duplicate the efforts and even improve upon them for increased success.

The Need for a Digital Marketing Consultant

From targeted email campaigns and social media posts to paid advertisements and SEO, digital marketing delivers the right message to the right people at the right time. With so many digital channels available, businesses must employ an omnichannel approach for most impact. This allows marketers to gather insights on audience behavior while increasing engagement. All of this leads to a boost in audience retention, which ultimately equates to sales growth and revenue generation.

Many companies struggle with the ability to effectively research, assess, and develop effective multi-channel marketing plans. Today’s marketers juggle a variety of responsibilities. They barely have time to manage their daily responsibilities, let alone spend hours researching, testing, and learning new skills. They need someone to offer direction and assist in the building and execution of a multi-channel digital marketing campaign. They need a Digital Marketing Consultant.

Our Digital Marketing Consulting Services

While digital marketing provides unparalleled opportunities for companies to reach their target audience, many businesses face limited resources. Hiring a full-time Director of Digital Marketing may not be a budget-friendly option. After all, the average salary of such a person is $161,879 per year. While you may not be able to afford a Director of Digital Marketing, you really can’t afford not to have their services. Luckily for you, there’s us!

CadenceSEO can provide the services of a Digital Marketing Director at a fraction of the cost. You’ll gain the guidance, leadership, and expertise of a Director of Digital Marketing without breaking the bank. Additionally, you’ll have access to a team of resources with expertise in areas where your own team may be lacking.

Our Approach

A multi-channel approach

CadenceSEO’s digital marketing consulting services are ideal for companies of any size who are looking to invest in digital marketing. Our strategy of in-depth research, planning, and execution yield positive results for our clients.

We specialize in:

  • Technical SEO as part of our consulting agreement to optimize your website for high ranking search engine results
  • Competitive research to let you know who your competition is
  • Channel research to understand which marketing channels you should be using
  • Growth strategy to drive website traffic and increase revenue

We Use Multi-Channel Fundamentals

We know the importance of using multiple channels for an effective digital marketing campaign.

Our multi-channel approach incorporates these digital marketing fundamentals:

  • SEO to ensure you appear at the top of search listings for increased visibility
  • Content marketing to develop your company as a valuable resource
  • Social media marketing is an invaluable tool for connecting with your audience, building engagement opportunities, and raising brand awareness
  • Email marketing drives traffic to your website, builds customer loyalty, and encourages repeat business
  • Pay-per-click marketing through channels like Google Adwords, paid social media ads, and display ads is a great way to gain traffic quickly
  • Industry-specific tactics allow opportunities to reach a niche market with customized campaigns

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