CadenceSEO Reports 3rd Clutch Review, Continues Perfect 5-Star Streak

3rd Clutch Review, Continues Perfect 5-Star Streak
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CadenceSEO has been one of the premier SEO and digital marketing agency in Arizona. Our mission to deliver unique experiences to our clients has been the signature of our company. We provide custom-tailored services to answer our clients’ individual and unique set of goals and challenges. Our team values relationships and it is reflected in our work and in the solutions and results we provide

As a matter of fact, our latest Clutch review encompasses the type of SEO company we are! We are very proud to share with all of you our 3rd review on their platform. The team is very proud to be working with a consumer products company named Kalmback Feeds Inc. 

A bit of background about the client, they are an animal nutrition company based in Ohio and they make feeds for animals of all shapes and sizes but mainly for farm-type animals, such as livestock, horses, and chickens. Their team partnered with us in order to get a start on SEO and help them boost their organic search rankings.

The goal was simple, and it is to drive the company’s website higher in the search rankings. We started by optimizing the client’s website; fixing broken links and redirecting older pages that were technically non-existent. We proceeded to redesign the site to help their chances of getting rid of issues that may affect their ranking. 

We proceeded to craft a strategic plan on how to target their keywords and how to develop more content for their site. They had minimal content, to begin with, and we wanted to improve on that. We started creating PRs and blog pages in order to generate more backlinks for the client and generate more traffic to their site.

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At present, our team is working on further optimizing the client’s website to maximize their chances of reaching the number 1 spot in the search results, with that being said, here is the company’s marketing specialist, Katharyne Riggs, to discuss in detail our accomplishments:

“Success metrics are hard to pinpoint down to any certain time because they change weekly. In any case, during the last 60 days, we’re up in 383 rankings across several Google searches that are related to our business. Those terms include words and phrases that we aren’t even targeting. Our ranking continues to go up every week, and that’s been exciting to watch especially as we add more content to the website.”

You can also check us out on Top Design Firms website as a top SEO agency on their directory! Visit their site today and don’t forget to check out our profile.

Get in touch with the CadenceSEO team today and experience impeccable SEO services! 

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