A Guide to Writing Health Guest Posts That Get Accepted

Writing Guest Posts in the Health Industry that Actually Get Published

Guest posting is an effective digital marketing strategy to help you raise brand awareness and build your brand authority and off-page SEO. When it comes to men’s and women’s health guest posts, there are several ways to go about creating the post and pitching it to those who will get you noticed. However, before you can jump into tips to writing health guest posts, it’s essential to understand what these types of posts are and why you should be writing them. 

What Exactly is a Health Guest Post

Content creation is a vital part of any viable health coaching marketing strategy. Unfortunately, many health and wellness coaches don’t realize that an essential part of content creation is creating and sharing various content on their own site but other websites as well.

Not only do 62.96% of readers see blogs with multiple authors to be more credible, but it’s a more common practice than you may think, with approximately 60% of blogs sharing 1-5 guest posts each month.

So, what exactly is a health guest blog post? They are posts that you write and then share on other websites in your industry or niche. It’s important to note that you want to be choosy about which sites you contribute to.

The entire goal of guest posting, no matter what industry you are in, is to build your authoritative voice while also building your external linking strategy. The process looks something like this:

  • You research industry/niche blogs that are already performing well and make a list of potential people to contact.
  • You pitch your idea to the right individuals, such as head of marketing or the marketing team lead.
  • If your pitch is accepted, you write a full, data-backed piece of content that provides your audience with relevant, valuable information.
  • While writing, you’ll make sure to optimize the piece as you would a piece for your own site, which includes linking back to your own site when applicable. Remember, the purpose is to prove your expertise in the area—not to promote yourself or your products/services.

4 Tips to Writing Health Guest Posts

If you’re not quite sure how to approach health guest post writing, then you’ll want to keep the following four tips in mind:

1. Conduct Thorough Market Research

Before you can start the pitching or writing process, you need to make sure you are conducting thorough market research. This will not only help identify new and/or upcoming trends but can help you identify gaps in the industry that your audience could benefit from.

This research will also give you an idea of who you should be pitching to, and with the research already completed, you will be able to pitch a well-thought-out health guest post that is sure to capture the attention of those you are pitching to.

2. Write Naturally, Letting Your Voice/Personality Shine Through

When guest posting on another’s blog, the goal isn’t to sound like them. You have proven to the marketing team for the site that you are a voice to be heard, so don’t be afraid to use it. While you may be guest posting on someone else’s site, you need to let your personality shine through if you expect to establish yourself as an authoritative figure.

Important things to remember here are to:

  • Write naturally, as if you were writing for your own blog.
  • Use a tone that aligns with the site’s—if the site you are writing for uses a more professional tone, then you should write that way as well. However, if they use a more laid-back tone, then you should too.
  • Use vocabulary that the readers are accustomed to.
  • Let your experience and expertise shine throughout the piece.

When writing your health guest blog, you want to make sure you include authoritative backlinks to help you prove all claims you are making. Authoritative backlinks have stellar Alexa rankings (under 100,000) alongside those with high domain authority.

These are sites that already rank well on search engines and will help boost the SEO for the blog you are writing for. Remember, the goal is to be proving that you are an authoritative voice, one that wants to share information with others. When you’re guest posting on someone else’s blog, you are attending to their audience’s needs—not your own.

The more trustworthy you come off, the more authoritative you become, encouraging these audience members to seek you out later for answers to further questions.

4. Always Proofread Before You Submit

Proofreading should be a regular practice; however, it becomes imperative when you are writing a guest post for another person’s website. Not only do you want to make sure you are creating publish-ready content to maintain your professional relationship, but you want to ensure that you are doing everything you can to maintain an expert voice. Even the smallest of errors can stand out, and when you are trying to build authority, those little mistakes can cause significant damage to your reputation.

Incorporate Guest Posting into Your Digital Marketing Strategy Today

Developing a successful digital marketing strategy means considering and incorporating multiple strategies into your overall game plan. If you aren’t quite sure how to incorporate health guest posting into your digital marketing strategy, let CadenceSEO guide you.

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Kevin McLauchlin

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