Top 5 Qualities of SEO-Friendly Images You Should Know

SEO Friendly Images

Choosing the right kind of images for your website can have a considerable impact on website traffic. SEO-friendly images will compel readers to engage more with your content. If users see an article, and then scroll down to find nothing but text, they will be less likely to read it. If people want specific content […]

SEO Infographics: How To Create Infographics for SEO

seo infographics

There’s something fundamentally appealing about visuals. We’re surrounded by a constant stream of information, and we’re inspired to pick out and share the tidbits that have visual appeal. What’s more, infographics don’t just get shared – they also improve your SEO profile by increasing your search results page ranking and driving up referral traffic from […]

Mobile SEO: Is SEO Different for Mobile?

Mobile SEO

I’m sure you’ve heard that “SEO is different for mobile.” But what does this really mean? There are SEO best practices for mobile, but there are also things that are the same. How do you know if your SEO strategy needs changing? In this post I’ll discuss the common misconceptions about SEO for mobile, whether […]

Your Quick Guide to Interactive Content

interactive content

We may have discussed the importance of evergreen content, but why bother writing informative content if users won’t bother to read it? This is why it is crucial for your content to be engaging as well as insightful. You can, in fact, get the best of both worlds. The solution? Interactive content.  In fact, 93% […]

How to Diversify Your Content Strategy

Content Strategy

From attracting prospects to nurturing them or to convincing customers to re-engage, you need different content types if you want to make your business accessible for all types of visitors. Integrating content into your digital marketing strategy is only the first step. If you truly want to change things up, you need to have a varied content […]

Semantic SEO: What is It & How To Utilize It

what is semantic seo

Semantic SEO is a buzzword that gets tossed around a lot in the SEO industry, but what exactly does it mean? Semantic SEO refers to the relationship between your website’s content and its surrounding context, the influence of relationships on your search engine ranking, and how search engines interact with these elements. Semantic SEO is […]

Local SEO versus Global SEO

local vs global seo

By now, you probably know that a SEO strategy is crucial and that you cannot just follow some search engines guidelines when you feel like it. Nonetheless, for any search engine optimization campaign to be successful, you need to establish if you are focusing on global or local SEO.   So, your SEO efforts will differ […]

What Is A Canonical?

canonical tag

Thanks to the canonical tag, duplicate URLs can become a worry of the past. Think about it, if you don’t tell Google which URL is canonical, the search engine will make the choice for you.  This way, you have control over the URL that users see in search results. Essentially, canonical URLs are the solution […]