Just How to Run An SEO Campaign 

SEO Compaign

The biggest SEO myth is that search engine optimization does not matter. As a cornerstone of digital marketing, SEO is fundamental for improving search engine rankings and increasing organic traffic. In fact, 70% of marketers think that SEO is more effective than PPC. However, for your SEO efforts to pay off, you’ll need an effective […]

Keyword Research Checklist: 6 Steps to Keyword Research for Your Blog

keyword research checklist

With over 500 million blogs vying for a reader’s attention, how can you expect to stand out from the crowd? The answer is simple: You need to invest in keyword research for your blog. Including a keyword research checklist in your digital marketing strategy can help you quickly organize your approach and connect you with […]

How to Create a Landing Page to Collect Emails

how to build a landing page

A landing page is a designated page on your website that typically offers up some sort of resource to visitors, like a free download or newsletter signup. Landing pages collect a visitor’s email address in exchange for something of value to them. Before we can address how to create a landing page to collect emails, […]

The importance of E-E-A-T for SEO

The importance of E-A-T for SEO

We might be going on and on about creating content for humans, not for search engines, but this should truly be your utmost priority when producing content. In fact, when applying a user-centric approach to your content marketing strategy and focusing on E-E-A-T in SEO, you are also improving Google rankings. That being said, shortcuts […]

Top 5 Qualities of SEO Friendly Images You Should Know

SEO Friendly Images

Choosing the right kind of images for your website can have a considerable impact on website traffic. SEO-friendly images will compel readers to engage more with your content. If users see an article, and then scroll down to find nothing but text, they will be less likely to read it. If people want specific content […]

SEO Pricing: How Much Does SEO Cost?

How much does it cost

What is SEO and how much does it cost? These are two questions that come up a lot. The short answer is: SEO stands for search engine optimization. You can think of it as the strategy you use to make your website rank higher in the search results on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search […]

SEO Terms You Must Know and What they Mean

SEO Terms You Must Know And What They Mean

Are you ready to get your content ranking at the top of the search results? Well, there are many facets to becoming an SEO expert. It starts with understanding what it is and the essential tactics to make Google (and your readers) fall in love with your website. But if you’re new to the world […]

What is a Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Audit & How Does it Work?

Conversion Rate Optimization Services

Your business may provide great products and services, but if consumers find your website unengaging or difficult to interact with, chances are they won’t develop a relationship with your brand. Conversion Rate Optimization helps enterprises get to the root of what’s holding up traffic while providing actionable insights to bust the dam and restore the […]

Your Quick Guide to SEO vs SEM


Are SEO and SEM two sides of the same coin? Or are they like chalk and cheese? While the nature of SEO vs SEM seems to be puzzling, one thing is sure: the debate of SEO vs SEM appears to be never-ending. Having said that, the discussion may generally focus on the differences between SEO […]

External Linking: Are External Links Good for SEO?

external links for SEO

External links are great for SEO. They help increase your site’s popularity and make it easier for people to find your content. Unless you’re an SEO expert, search engine optimization terms can seem tricky to understand. The good news is that they’re deceptively simple. To help you make the most of your external links, we’ve […]