When SEO Means More Than Words

What is Technical SEO?

There is someone on your staff, either a full-time employee or a contractor, who writes the text for your website in a variety of forms, and that person is obliged to concentrate on proper word choice in order to maximize your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to bring more viewers and potential customers to your website.

But there may be something wrong with your website that is preventing views or clicks, and it has nothing to do with the word choices of your content writers. 

While those words may actually provide the optimal use of words and phrases to promote your website on Google keyword searches, your website itself may not have the proper infrastructure that allows your website to be accessed by the robotic algorithms which support SEO. Frankly, the technical side of your website may be holding back the creative side.

Issues such as a fully functioning sitemap, the URL structure being employed, your page speed and your navigational processes may all be preventing your company from maximizing the performance of your efforts to create a pleasant and useful website. If that is the case, your website design is failing you, and considering the cost of maintaining an active website (creating daily posts, new videos, building links, etc.), you need to consider an updated website framework before you spend any more money on the front of the site.

Here’s The Problem

The hallmark of small businesses is the ability of its employees to multitask. However, asking an employee or a pair of staffers to develop a website that is as efficient as possible in the face of constant change in technology and algorithm development is asking a lot. And costing a lot in man-hours, not to mention updates in physical technology needed to host a modern website.

It is those costs, combined with the time element involved to improve your website so that it performs in an equal manner to your competitors’ websites, which makes a call to Cadence such a good idea. Working with the technical experts at Cadence will settle two issues: you will have the most modern and issue-free technological website possible, and you will save yourself money you might otherwise spend on countless website rebuilds and the man-hours needed to know how to complete a website reconstruction.

Research shows that conversion rates fall with every second it takes your website to load. And every time a user clicks the “back’’ arrow on a Google search, that indicates your website is not delivering and such failure is noted for future searches. 

How mobile-friendly is your website? We have reached the sage where a slight majority of all Google searches occur via a mobile device, and we all know mobile searches occur differently than laptop or desktop searches. The technical SEO of your website must be accessible from all types of devices. 

How accessible is your company in a voice search? This is another aspect of the technical SEO of your website. Does a voice search need to use one exact phrase to reach your information? If it does, you need to understand the changes in how consumers address their Siri or Alexa components, and make certain your accessibility matches those changes.

Let’s get technical

There is SO MUCH MORE to consider in the technical design of your website.  Improper or inadvertent redirects, page loading speed on those redirects, confusing nomenclature without your website coding – these are all technical aspects which you might have directed someone to consider when first developing your site. But the specs on all of those functions have changed multiple times over time. Each change you have not addressed puts you farther behind competitors who DO stay on top of technological updates. 

Technical SEO is a multi-faceted consideration, and it is possible you do not have the staff capable of staying abreast of all of the changes. We at Cadence do have the staff necessary, with experienced technicians prepared to update your site for all current and future optimization factors. 

Technology is an ever-changing field, and your company may be chasing its own tail in trying to remain current. It is quite possible that there is a sense of hopeless cause as your staff attempts to determine how best to proceed. 

Cadence is created to alleviate that hopelessness. We are the experts on Technical SEO, and you may need to consult with an expert to catch up so that you can again concentrate on the SEO of the content you provide.



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