Digital Marketing Trends That Are Here to Stay

lasting trends in digital marketing

Adaptability is a fundamental skill for marketers nowadays, as it showcases resourcefulness and is crucial for longevity.  So, naturally, keeping up with the newest digital marketing trends is no longer an option. It has become a necessity if you want to remain relevant in this business. Nonetheless, there may not be such a thing as […]

Should I Write Seasonal Content?

Should I Write Seasonal Content?

To write or not to write seasonal content? That is the dilemma of the 21st-century content writer. And the response is…to definitely write topical content! While we have established the importance of evergreen content, one doesn’t neutralize the other; they are both equally important and if you want to maximize your business’ results, you should […]

A Guide to Creating a Mobile Content Marketing Strategy

mobile content marketing strategy

Did you know that over half of today’s internet traffic is now coming from mobile devices? Or that consumers spend approximately 46% of all emails are opened on smartphones? The average consumer now spends an average of 4.2 hours a day on their phone using various apps. That doesn’t even account for time simply browsing […]

Your Quick Guide to B2B Demand Generation


Your digital marketing efforts are vital to continue filling your sales funnel and building essential relationships with your current customers. While your current digital marketing strategy likely focuses heavily on various lead generation tactics, you may be neglecting one very important piece of the puzzle: B2B demand generation. What is B2B Demand Generation? When you […]

How to Find SEO friendly Content Ideas

How To Find SEO-Friendly Content Ideas

Do you know how motivational speakers always say that dedication surpasses motivation? In a way, it’s the same with SEO-friendly content. You can’t just wait for inspiration to strike, you need a strategy to develop SEO content ideas. That being said, aimlessly searching for ideas doesn’t work either. You need a proactive strategy to constantly […]

Your Quick Guide to SEO vs SEM


Are SEO and SEM two sides of the same coin? Or are they like chalk and cheese? While the nature of SEO vs SEM seems to be puzzling, one thing is sure: the debate of SEO vs SEM appears to be never-ending. Having said that, the discussion may generally focus on the differences between SEO […]

How To Write SEO Headlines That Will Stand Out

So you’ve decided to start writing content for SEO. But how do you write a headline that will get people to click?  With so much information on how to write great SEO headlines, it can take a lot of work to know where to start. The first thing to remember is that there are no […]

5 Tips to Becoming Successful B2B Thought Leader

thought leadership marketing

Thought leadership content is a term that, while not new, has been popping up quite a bit in the B2B marketing universe as of late. When you think of a thought leader, you probably invasion someone who’s likely been on a TED Talk or some other influential being, such as Seth Godin or maybe Oprah […]