How to Increase Your Returning Visitors: 5 Strategies Worth Trying

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You’ve built a website you’re proud of, and you’re excited to see your website sessions increase. While initial visitors are wonderful, you really want to start seeing an increase in returning visitors because then you know you are doing something right.

Before you jump into the many ways to increase your returning visitor rate, it’s essential to understand exactly why these returning visitors are so important.

Why are Returning Visitors Important?

While initial website traffic is exciting, seeing those returning visitors means you are doing something right. When you start to see this metric trending upwards, you know you are driving consumer interest, putting out information that they find of use and relevant to their needs, and doing it in a manner that appeals to them.

If your website is rather new, it may take a while to see an increase in returning visitors. However, with the right combination of marketing and persistence, you’ll start to see those numbers rise in no time!

5 Ways to Increase Returning Visitor Rates

Ready to start increasing the number of returning visitors to your website? Here are five strategies worth experimenting with:

1. Email Newsletters

Email marketing is one of the top digital marketing channels available to marketing teams. Not only does it have an average return on interest of approximately 3,800%, which breaks down to approximately $38 for every $1 spent, but about 62.9% of consumers prefer to receive email communications from brands they do business with.

Email makes it easy to communicate and build relationships with your consumers. Why? Because they choose to sign up for your email communications – it’s not forced on them. When optimized correctly with proper links, customers have no problem clicking through to your website to learn more about an interesting topic or get access to a special deal.

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2. Publish New Content Regularly

Your leads are out there, and they are constantly searching for new information relevant to them and their needs. Instead of letting them find the answers to their burning questions from your competitor, start writing and publishing new, unique content to your website regularly.

3. Consider Customer Retargeting

Creating customer retargeting ads is another way to help you increase returning visitor rates. The act of retargeting includes creating and sharing ads with those who have somehow interacted with your site. They may have considered downloading a PDF, watched a video, or even interacted with your brand on social media.

These ads work using tracking cookies. For example, once someone has visited your website, a tracking cookie is placed in their browsers. This cookie is built with a specific code that shows visitors relevant ads meant to bring them back to your site.

4. Create the Ideal Customer Experience

Most people neglect to remember that consumers want to return to websites that provide them with value and the ideal customer experience. This experience relies heavily on the design of your website and whether or not it’s mobile-friendly. In fact, recent research shows that 57% of customers wouldn’t recommend a business if their website is designed poorly and doesn’t work on a mobile device.

So, if you haven’t been practicing technical SEO best practices and optimized your website for the customer experience, then you’ll want to consider doing so.

5. Consider Instating a Customer Loyalty Program

Finally, if you’re still struggling with increasing your returning visitor rates, then you may want to consider instating a customer loyalty program. Consumers like to feel special and be singled out from the rest.

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That’s why nearly 83% of consumers say that loyalty programs make them more likely to continue their business relationships with certain brands. Not only that, but 49% of consumers agree that they spend more money after joining a loyalty program, and 76% believe that loyalty programs are a significant part of their relationship with brands.

If you’re considering instating a customer loyalty program, it will do well paired with email marketing to help with increasing returning visitor numbers.

Let CadenceSEO Consulting Show You How to Increase Your Returning Visitors

Are you struggling with increasing your returning visitor rates? Then it may be time to rethink your strategy. Here at CadenceSEO Consulting, we know what it takes to build a strong strategy that helps bring in that website traffic.

With the right combination of market research and the right strategy, you’ll start to see an increase in returning website visitors in no time!

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