Influencer Marketing and SEO: How Do They Correlate?

seo and influencer marketing

Influencers can connect with a high volume of consumers in a relevant, fresh, and exciting way. With an empire of followers, their opinions and perspectives alone can impact a consumer’s choice between industry brands. Influencer marketing and SEO harness authoritative influencers’ power and prestige to deliver the most impactful digital marketing campaign possible.   

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a strategy that utilizes collaborations with influential people within a brand’s industry to promote products and services. This type of marketing can be very effective because influencers have tremendous sway over consumers, which allows them to help push brands into popularity quickly with just one post or video. Social media influencers have been proven repeatedly as people who know how to make content go viral online. With influencer marketing, businesses can increase their online visibility, propel brand awareness, and boost website traffic. 

How Does Influencer Marketing Relate to SEO?

Influencer marketing and SEO unite to create a powerful online presence for enterprises. By utilizing SEO tools, such as link building, content creation, and keyword promotion, brands can partner with influencers to help get the word out through their social media platforms. 

3 Benefits of Influencer Marketing in SEO

The benefits of combining influencer marketing and SEO are countless. Here are three important benefits to your brand when partnering with an influencer: 

Improves Brand Visibility

The combination of influencer marketing and SEO is a powerhouse for increasing brand visibility. Partnering with influencers in your industry allows your brand to connect with the influencer’s audience, which can increase your target audience exponentially. Content creation incorporating elements such as influencer product reviews can be an incredible way to generate excitement for your products or services. As an authority in the industry, influencers help brands improve their credibility and reputation. 

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Generates High-Quality Content

When consumers search for a product or service online, they do so because they have a problem or need to address. They want solutions that are fresh and relevant. In turn, the content has to be fresh and relevant. Influencers are influencers because they keep up with the current trends in the industry. Infusing an influencer’s perspective and ideas into your content helps keep your brand in the minds of consumers. With a continuous stream of relevant, influencer-backed content on your site, search engine results can rank high, and traffic volume can increase.  

Creates a Social Media Ripple Effect

Combing influencer marketing and SEO can have an incredible domino effect on social media platforms. When influencers post your content on their social media platforms, their large fan base will be watching. They’ll start an avalanche of comments and shares, elevating brand visibility. Search engines like Google and Bing also begin to take notice quickly. The surge in popularity surrounding your brand will cause your business to land much higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). 

How To Find Influencers

The good news about finding influencers in your industry is that they shouldn’t be too hard to find. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be influencers! The best way to search for one is to look for authoritative individuals within your industry who have a strong social media presence and command a large following. Remember, authoritative influencers bring increased credibility and reputation to your brand. Here are six tips for identifying authoritative influencers:

Begin the Search

Take a look at social media platforms that are connected to your industry. Most likely, you’ll see a pattern develop among certain individuals who present a strong showing. 

Analyze the Competition

Do your competitors utilize influencers? If so, who are the influencers, and how are they incorporated into their SEO marketing strategy? You’ll be able to get a sense of their influencer strategy’s effect on their products and services. Your influencer marketing strategy can adjust to build on your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses.

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Use SEO Data Evaluation Tools 

Digital marketing consultants utilize a range of SEO tools that allow them to analyze certain metrics, such as engagement rates, to help verify an influencer’s sway over followers.

Ensure Shared Values

Reputation is everything. If you align yourself with an influencer, you want to ensure they align with your brand’s values and messaging. It’s also important for your target audience demographic to relate to your influencer. 

Check Industry Credibility

While an influencer may have a large following, how are they viewed within the industry? Do industry leaders and peers acknowledge their expertise? Has any prestigious award within the industry recognized the influencer?

Reach Out

Once you’ve found an influencer you’re excited to partner with, it’s time to begin reaching out to them. The best way to do so is by organically engaging them online through blogs and social media. That means leaving positive comments or offering interesting insights. 

The Experts in SEO and Influencer Marketing

As a full-service digital marketing agency, CadenceSEO knows how to create, develop, and execute an influencer marketing strategy effectively. Our team of experts can analyze potential authoritative influencers in your industry based on a series of metrics. Once we’ve identified and partnered with an influencer, We’ll help you collaborate with them through high-quality SEO content creation. With a solid influencer marketing strategy campaign, you can enjoy the benefits of increased brand awareness, higher traffic volume, and increased ROI. Interested in learning more? Contact our team of SEO nerds today!

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