Why is Content Marketing Important for B2B Companies? 10 Reasons Worth Noting

When it comes to your digital marketing efforts, have you ever asked yourself, “why is content marketing important for B2B companies?”

Well, if you have, you’re not alone!

Why is Content Marketing Important for B2B Companies?

If you’ve been wondering about the benefits of B2B content marketing, then you’ll want to check out these reasons why it’s worth the investment:

1. Boost Website Traffic

Consumers are always looking for information to help them solve a problem or fulfill a need. Content marketing allows you to create enticing copy to help draw in these individuals, and when paired with proper SEO best practices, your site traffic will start to increase substantially without paying for ads.

2. Can Help Establish You as a Thought Leader

Sure, while promotional content has its place, research shows that consumers are 131% more likely to buy from a brand immediately after consuming educational content. That’s because this type of content isn’t trying to decide for them. Instead, it’s giving them the necessary information to make their own informed decision. That’s where thought leadership content comes into play. This content utilizes data to back up important claims, helping your consumers draw their own conclusions.

3. Generate Leads

With an increase in traffic and relatable content that your audience can rely on, the more potential leads you’re going to find yourself with. Just make sure you are taking the time to nurture each one!

4. Greater Return on Investment (ROI)

Content marketing has one of the highest ROI’s and comes in second only to search engine optimization when it comes to generating ROI. Even better, if you keep it properly optimized, it can continue generating traffic and leads well into the future!

5. Helps Generate Necessary Data

If you’re looking to generate data on your audience, then content marketing is an excellent place to start. When you put out content, you can easily track its many metrics to determine who your audience is and what they prefer as far as content and what their needs are. 

6. Helps You Boost Your SEO Efforts

If you’re trying to organically build your website traffic and generate new leads regularly, then you will be happy to hear that content marketing allows you to boost your search engine optimization efforts significantly.

Once you put out a piece of content, that’s not the end of it. By regularly updating it with not only relevant information but up-to-date keywords and/or keyword phrases, that one piece of content can generate you more views than you would ever expect!

Even better, the more content you put out there, the more opportunities to utilize your SEO best practices to rank higher in the search engine results, and the more leads that come your way.

7. Helps You Build Relationships

Content marketing plays an essential role in relationship building with your audience because they’ve found you because they needed an answer, and you had it. The more high-quality content you put out and the more relevant the content is to your specific audience, the stronger your relationship becomes with these individuals. 

8. Improves Customer Retention Rates

When you are continuously putting out high-quality content, your consumers will keep coming back to you. That’s because they know they can not only rely on you for up-to-date information, but that you provide them with data-backed research anytime you make a claim that pertains to them and their needs.

9. Keeps Your Website “Fresh”

Did you know that when Google scores content for ranking, they give it what is known as a freshness score? This score takes into consideration:

  • When the website was first created
  • How often new content is added
  • How frequently current content is updated
  • Any changes to the core context of the content
  • Traffic and engagement metrics

Content marketing allows you to continuously update your website with new content and update your previous content to make it more relevant to current searchers. That keeps your website fresh for those seeking answers and appealing to search engine crawlers.

10. Raise Brand Awareness Quickly

Arguably one of the biggest benefits of B2B content marketing is the fact that it can help a brand raise awareness rather quickly. Your website content will rank easier with proper optimization tactics, making it easier for your audience to find. This is especially helpful for smaller B2B brands, such as new SaaS brands.   

Build Content Marketing into Your Digital Marketing Strategy Today

Content marketing is only one step in a successful digital marketing strategy, so don’t stop there!

Need help incorporating content marketing into your B2B digital marketing plan? Then contact us today for more information!

Kevin McLauchlin

Kevin McLauchlin

Kevin is one of the Co-Founders of CadenceSEO. He has spent the last 5 years living and breathing SEO as well as other Digital Marketing channels. Outside of work he is an Ultra-Runner and father of 6 amazing kids.

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