Do You Still Need Guest Blogging in 2023?

writing a successful guest post

When it comes to guest blogging, everyone seems to have an opinion.  Is it good or bad? Is it necessary or outdated? Well, one thing is sure, guest posts are definitely talked about. However, how many of us can actually answer the question: “what are guest posts?”. Too often, guest blogging gets a bad reputation […]

A Guide to Writing Health Guest Posts That Get Accepted

A Guide To Writing Health Guest Posts That Get Accepted

Writing Guest Posts in the Health Industry that Actually Get Published Guest posting is an effective digital marketing strategy to help you raise brand awareness and build your brand authority and off-page SEO. When it comes to men’s and women’s health guest posts, there are several ways to go about creating the post and pitching […]

How Can Online PR Marketing Help Create Brand Awareness?

Digital Press Release

Online PR Marketing to Create Brand Awareness Online PR marketing refers to a digital marketing tactic involving sharing an online press release (PR). While traditional press releases often gained traction thanks to their spread in an industry magazine and via various new channels, today’s press releases have gone almost completely digital. What Exactly is Online […]