How Underperforming Content Hurts SEO and What to Do

Content Audit

Your content is like a garden. Even if you have healthy plants producing fruit, if there is old, dead undergrowth or even overgrowth, your healthy plants will be hidden or, worse, not perform as well. Content pruning is a good solution, but why brave the proverbial thorns, bugs, and dirt? Thorough content pruning using an […]

5 Types of B2B Content Marketing That Work

B2B Content Marekting

With your B2B content marketing strategy ready to go, it’s time to start the creation process. If you’re unsure as to what kind of content will work for a B2B audience, here are five ideas to help you get started: 1. Blog Posts/Guest Blogging If you are stumped as to where you should begin, always […]

How To Write SEO-friendly Content That Ranks: Tips & Tricks

SEO friendly content

Content creation is king when ranking in the top spots for your targeted keywords. Creating high-quality and highly relevant content to share with your site’s visitors gives search engines like Google and Bing the fuel they need to recognize you as an authority. As a valued resource, you’ll be awarded an elevated ranking in search […]

Does Blogging Help SEO?

Blogging for SEO

Blogging is a fantastic way to boost your overall SEO efforts. Blogs create keyword-relevant content, which helps search engines understand your site better and rank it higher in the SERPs. Blogging also helps you generate more backlinks to your website, which are a huge part of Google’s algorithm. And finally, blogging increases dwell time on […]

5 Tips to Becoming Successful B2B Thought Leader

thought leadership marketing

Thought leadership content is a term that, while not new, has been popping up quite a bit in the B2B marketing universe as of late. When you think of a thought leader, you probably invasion someone who’s likely been on a TED Talk or some other influential being, such as Seth Godin or maybe Oprah […]