All in One SEO vs Yoast SEO: Which WordPress Plugin Should You Choose?


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Think of SEO as a multi-pronged approach for getting your website in front of the greatest number of interested readers. In addition to having great content, you’ll want to optimize your site code and structure. That’s where SEO plugins come in. They can point you to the best page titles, meta descriptions for code, and a lot more ways to make sure your page gets the most traffic from website crawlers that want to know who you are and direct people to you. A little knowledge on how SEO plugins work can get you very far, and that’s where we come in. When it comes to two of the most popular SEO plugins available today, you may need some help parsing out the finer details to make a decision on the most appropriate solution for your needs. We’ve compared two popular SEO plugins below, Yoast vs All in One SEO, to help cut down on the time you need to spend deciding on the best option for your site. 

What does All in One SEO offer?

Founded in 2007, All in One SEO (AIOSEO) is the older enterprise in our comparison between All in One SEO vs Yoast. All in One SEO offers:

1. Title and Description Optimization

AIO offers title and description optimization for any type of post 

2. Site Audit and Score

AIO offers a scan of your entire site to give you a score and list of issues that need attention, as well as a list of things you’re doing well. “Critical issues” are the ones you would focus on to improve first. 

3. Search Appearance

You can check out how your site appears in search results here and update accordingly. 

  • You can also set your “Knowledge Graph” here, which is essential information like name, phone number, logo, and business hours Google displays in results. For premium, use the Local SEO feature to include payments accepted, price range, and more. 
  • Set dynamic placeholder tags which update automatically and save you time. 
  • Image SEO helps you assign keywords to your images.
  • Author SEO helps you assign keywords to your author archive pages.

4. Social Media Sharing

AIO gives you some control on how your webpages show up when you share them to social media. 

5. XML Sitemap and Open Graph Meta Tag Generation

Decide which pages to include or exclude from your sitemaps, and control the priority of each URL, while letting Google and Bing know when you’ve updated information on your site.

6. Redirect Support

Banish those 404 page errors for readers with a helpful redirect feature to make sure your site visitors stick around if you move or delete a page.

7. Link Support

See your internal and external links easily to make sure your content is simple to find and authoritative.

8. TruSEO

Get advice as you compose your posts on whether you have under or over (too many keywords) optimized. This is a quick check for:

  • Keyword relevancy
  • Basic SEO
  • Title optimization
  • Readability
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What does Yoast SEO offer?

Founded in 2010, Yoast SEO offers robust features for your site, including:

1. Paragraph Structure Analysis

Get advice on the length of paragraphs, sentences, and transition phrases for readability.

2. Keyword Density Analysis

You get dinged if you cram too many keywords into your content. Yoast alerts you if you’re skewing towards too many keywords in one area.

3. Meta Description Advice

Yoast lets you create the description that will show up under your website name when people search it, and lets you know if it’s optimized for SEO.

Monitor the links on your site, both internally and externally. The Premium feature is more robust, and will make sure your pages link to each other appropriately and are easy to find internally. Also for premium, a redirect manager even makes sure users never end up on a dead page if you move or delete content. 

5. Keyword Help

Get reminders on using keywords in your subheadings and whether you’ve used them on previous pages. Yoast also helps you come up with synonyms of your keyphrases so you can sound more natural in your content.

Keeping permalinks short and sweet might help in search results, so Yoast lets you jump in and make things as squeaky clean as you can.

7. Social Media Sharing

Yoast lets you change titles and media when you share your website content to social sites. 

8. Structured Data Support

Present your information in the right structure and you increase your chances of being seen. Yoast helps you include the right structured data, which can be as simple as labeling your FAQ’s and events, but go deeper as well. 

9. Integrations

Easily integrate with other platforms like Semrush, Wincher, Elementor, Zapier, and WordProof.

Why Do I Need an SEO Plugin for WordPress?

Think of the way people search for things they need or are interested in. The internet is often one of the first steps in that process, if not the first. Most people turn to their preferred search engine and few look past the first page of results. To get your page to land higher on the results section of any search engine, you’ll want to make sure the search engine crawlers know exactly what your page is about and who might be interested. SEO is an umbrella term that takes lots of things these site crawlers are looking for. 

That’s not just the time you spend developing great content people really care about or gorgeous products, it’s technical things like:

1. Sitemaps

2. Keywords 

3. Titles and Meta Descriptions

4. Headers

5. Formatting 

6. Internal and External Links

7. Supporting Media and More

SEO plugins can tell you exactly where your site can use optimization for the search engines it will appear on. It dramatically cuts down on the guesswork and learning curve, allowing you to focus on the pieces you do well. 

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All in One SEO vs Yoast: Key Differences

All in One SEO is an older brand than Yoast SEO, but both are great tools. When it comes to All in One SEO vs Yoast, we have a few key differences to report. These came up frequently in online reviews: 

1. Ease of Installation

All in One is reportedly a bit easier to install and navigate for beginners

2. AIOSEO Includes a Whole Website Audit

All in One offers a whole website audit with a convenient score to get you oriented to how to strengthen your site.

3. AIO Has a Greater Degree of Control

All in One allows you to manually activate some functions, which gives you a greater degree of control.

4. Robust Link Monitoring and Ever-Improving Tools

All in One also includes a more robust link monitoring and improving tools than Yoast.

5. Price Point

All in One’s pricing points are more modest than Yoast’s

Ultimately, it comes down to your website’s specific, unique needs when deciding on one tool versus another. 

How to Choose Between Yoast vs All in One SEO

Overall, online reviews suggest that All in One SEO offers an easier process to finding support, so absolute beginners who appreciate lots of backup may lean towards All in One SEO for that reason.

Yoast SEO is a trusted, established brand, but it does have a higher price point than All in One. Each company offers a free version, but the paid options are highly recommended for those serious about their webpage SEO results, and come with ticketed support systems versus the free versions which rely on help forums. Yoast also offers fewer social media integrations than All in One, but this will depend on the integrations you need to use. 

So how do you decide which SEO service is a perfect match for your site? How do you figure out what your site needs and where it already shows a lot of strength? Read on to find out. 

CadenceSEO Can Help Make Your Decision Easier!

Search engine optimization gets more manageable with every step you take towards understanding how it can work for your site. For some adept, professional guidance, why not start with a free report on your own site? CadenceSEO offers a free SEO Audit to get you oriented to the factors involved in your site’s performance right now. A team expert is ready to walk you through our findings, compare your site to three competitors, and get you a list of actionable items to improve your ranking. With this information, you might have an “ah-ha!” moment as to which tools will be most valuable to your unique needs going forward. Please feel free to reach out to us for more information and the free SEO Audit. 

Thanks so much for reading our post on All in One SEO and Yoast SEO! If you need help creating content to increase traffic and sales, we can do that too. Your brand credibility, sense of community, and product promotion each receive a boost from good website SEO, so we hope you are able to use SEO to promote your products and much more. 

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