4 Small Business SEO Tips to Help Increase Brand Visibility

All businesses, big, small, and even solo, can significantly benefit from search engine optimization (SEO). It’s an extremely valuable process that organically improves the ranking of your brand on search engine results pages (SERPs). For small businesses with fewer resources, reaching your target audience clearly and efficiently is paramount. Consumers are looking for you, and you want to be seen, so using small business SEO is a win for both! By increasing your brand’s visibility, not only do you enhance the consumer’s experience, you build trust, confidence, and credibility with them. That’s why having a good small business SEO strategy is a must. 

Here are 4 small business SEO tips to help increase your brand’s visibility on search engines: 

Tip #1: Clarify Your Target Audience

Knowing exactly who your target audience is will inform your entire small business SEO strategy. 

● Who is the ideal customer you wish to attract? Be specific. 

● What kind of content do you think would most interest them? 

If you need help answering these questions, there are several analytical tools, such as Google Analytics, that can help you define your target audience. Acknowledging user needs allows you to create quality content on relevant topics for your core audience. By satisfying search intent, you provide an inspiring opportunity for consumers to engage with your brand. 

Tip #2: Create Quality Content

What qualifies content as “quality” for the consumer as well as a search engine depends on its ability to engage and increase your SERPs ranking. If you follow Tip #1 and write with your audience in mind, then chances are you will be well on your way to quality content! Depending on the medium that works best for your product and audience, there are numerous ways to do this. Here are a few: 

● a blog that reflects relevant topics in your industry 

● a product introduction video, which could become a regular series 

● a podcast discussing common questions customers have asked 

● an article on proper product maintenance for optimal use 

The more quality content you’re able to provide, the better! And it’s a bonus when your content is reposted by heavy influencers in the industry. Asking them to add your link to their site (backlinking) and vice versa is a victory for all. It increases traffic volume, which increases your brand’s SERPs ranking. All of this works to build consumer faith and trust in your brand while continually encouraging them to walk through your proverbial door. And, they may even bring their friends. Just think of all the times you come across something valuable in a search, and you share that link with a friend who may find it helpful too! 

Tip #3: Include Proper Keywords

All of that quality content is great, but there is one element that is essential for driving traffic your way: keywords. Fortifying your content with the right keywords will increase your ranking closer to the top in SERPs. When users type keywords into the search engine, the hope is that your keywords will match. Because single keywords receive an overwhelmingly high volume of competition, it’s advantageous to incorporate long-tail keywords into your small business SEO strategy. Long-tail keywords are more descriptive and contain at least three words or more. With lower competition, tailored keywords designed for user intent will give searchers a greater opportunity to click through to you and stay there longer. 

To put yourself in the minds of your potential customers, another good small business SEO strategy is to consider utilizing keyword research to find the best keywords to optimize your content. It’s an efficient and effective way to increase your content’s visibility and performance. 

Tip #4: Utilize Local SEO

Regular SEO helps improve your SERPs ranking regardless of the user’s location. In contrast, local SEO focuses on users near your actual location to help them find you in their search. Consider the times you’ve added something like “Thai food near me” in Google. For local SEO, the need can be immediate, so timing is everything. 

Here are a few ways to make Local SEO work for you: 

1. Open a Google My Business account to be viewable on Google Maps 

2. Add local reviews to your site and keep them coming 

3. Include keywords specific to your location 

4. Create content related to local events such as: 

● a pizza parlor that offers 10% off for local pickup on Mondays 

● a bike shop creating an article on bike lane safety in their city 

● a sports equipment store sponsoring the local little league

Develop a Small Business SEO Strategy with Cadence 

CadenceSEO is a content marketing agency specializing in SEO consulting and digital marketing advice. We create high-quality content for your business, be it large or small. Our team of SEO Nerds offers SEO writing services, which are essential for organic search rankings and conversions. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your small business SEO strategy! 

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