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A Guide to Performing a Competitor Analysis

What is a competitor analysis? What Belongs in a Competitor Analysis How to Conduct a Competitor Analysis 5 Competitor Analysis Tools to Consider Using in 2021 How A Competitor Analysis Helps You Build Your Digital Marketing Strategy What is a B2B Competitor Analysis How to Perform a Detailed B2B Competitor

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The Importance of User Engagement Metrics

We don’t think that we are too bold when we say that user engagement is the number one priority for a business. And we are not the only ones that think that customer engagement is the new customer satisfaction.  Did you know that almost 78% of customers prefer omnichannel customer

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Co-Founder Kevin McLauchlin Highlighted in Mirror Review

Content Originally found on: Market research and data analytics have emerged in recent years as amongst the fastest-growing industries. Particularly, since the COVID-19 outbreak, the importance of data and analytics has increased by multiple folds. Market research has also become even more critical as supply chains are breaking down

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