NO Ordinary SEO Strategy Session. Walk Away With Precious Insight or I Pay You $300 for 30 minutes.

You know what to do:

An ad for a free strategy session?

How boring and unoriginal, I thought.

How can you call yourself a marketer? You can do better.

Then I remembered global roofing giant, Onduline, who came to us in one of these (free) sessions because their website was tanking.

We showed them how to fix it in the first 10 minutes.

This quickly led to baseline recovery before a 400% organic increase in under a year.

Onduline Organic Search Results via GA

Everyone touts free strategy sessions but very few have the expertise to share meaningful thought.

Our strategy sessions are the starting point for so many remarkable turnarounds, I had to put it out there for anyone open and spirited enough to take me up on it.

But what can you expect?

  • A pressure-free consult packed with little-known growth gems. You’ll learn something useful that you didn’t already know. Guaranteed.
  • Our team of obsessively passionate SEO brainiacs will deliberate what they think is holding your website back from ranking in Google… These nerd-out discussions happen before you even talk to us.

But we won’t bore you with theory because we’re believers in the Call to Action.

  • You’ll get the brutally honest truth about your ranking potential in plain speak and all of your questions answered.
  • You’ll finally understand your current situation and exactly how to get where you want to go.

See, we don’t just plug your site into an SEO tool and call it a day.

Our consultants actually use their brains.

50 years of combined real-world experience advising Fortune 500 to 1000 brands, startups and family businesses will teach you a thing or two about how SEO works in the wild.

Whatever your SEO growth goals are — chances are we can come up with a creative way to make a 600% organic jump happen.

Never guaranteed, of course, but imagine achieving 25% or just 10% of that…

But will you be sold to?


If not obvious by now:

We do SEO. (This lander is as sales-y as it’ll get.)

We can do it for you if you want. If you’d choose to DIY, we’ll cheer you on. If you get stuck or need a swift kick in the pants shoot an email and we’ll even help you out.

Either way, we hold nothing back in our 30-minute strategy session, even if it’s unlikely you’ll become a client.

Why? Some of our more spiritual teammates swear by Luke 6:38. I don’t know about that.

All I know is many can’t afford our services (especially after our forthcoming rate increase).

The more people we help now, the better position they’ll be in to afford our services if/when the time comes.

Fact: If we don’t think we can help, we’ll let you know upfront and cancel your strategy session for you.

Because life is short. Wasting time should be a crime and paid for.

That’s why if you schedule a strategy session and we do not cancel it after assessing your website, but you leave feeling like it was a waste of time, I’ll pay you $10 per minute wasted up to $300 (via VISA gift card).

Best-case scenario: you leave with a plan to start or upgrade your SEO.

Worst-case scenario: You walk away with $300 to do whatever you want.

If that sounds reasonable to you, go ahead and book below.

You’re not alone.

If you had your website redesigned or replatformed, and your rankings have not been the same since. You tried everything you can think of to get your site to rank but countless hours later, you still have nothing to show for it. It’s like a thick, heavy cloud is smothering your progress. You’ve been in the same place for too long and want to get out of the growth doldrums.

You might find yourself getting lost in the weeds or chasing after the next shiny thing—and you’re desperately craving clear direction and a proven system. 

Or you know enough SEO to be dangerous but don’t know how the tinier pieces fit together. Thing is, you can’t waste anymore time trying to figure everything out—you just need someone reliable to go make it happen for you or show your team exactly what to do.

Perhaps another SEO vendor burned you: they didn’t deliver what they promised and possibly made it worse. You might be working with one now and would like a second opinion on what’s been done thus far.

If you are a leader looking for the most effective way to get visibility in search engines, we can help you.

Our clientele is wide-ranging—consumer packaged goods, cremation urns, aerial imagery, document understanding, content management systems, stairlifts, event management agencies, clothing manufacturers, universities, educational software, lawyers, appliance dealers, non-profits, research companies, and many, many more—we’ve helped them all grow.

Exposure to many industries allows us to laterally apply real-world learnings and imagine innovative SEO solutions.

If we did not cancel your strategy session, it means we’ve assessed your situation and believe we can help you.

You can maximize our time together by emailing additional info you think would help our pre-call assessment. 

For example, goals, challenges, context about website changes you think may have impacted your rankings, etc.

You’ll meet with SEO nerds Kevin McLauchlinKristy Galea, Mary Madrid. (Click a name to see LinkedIn profile.)

If you prefer to speak to someone in particular, just reply back to your booking confirmation email with whomever you’d like to chat with.

We’re a full-service SEO consultancy. We provide a range of traditional SEO services like technical SEO audits to content creation and link-building, but we do so always in the context of your goals, budget, and competitive landscape.

SEO has evolved from technical tricks on the backend to becoming common ground across all marketing touchpoints because brand matters more than ever in SEO and all channels can influence that.

Cookie-cutter SEO won’t work much longer.

As a family-owned upstart of growth marketing SEO veterans, we pride ourselves on figuring out ways to stand out and outsmart the competition with seemingly impossible constraints.

With us, you’ll get custom SEO tailored to your reality and vision

I’m Janssen Manno, a director at Cadence, a premier SEO consultancy in Gilbert, Arizona. 

Cadence was founded by Christy Olsen and Kevin McLauchlin, both SEO nerds themselves. 

Years ago, Christy’s first husband passed away suddenly, tragically young, leaving her widowed with 5 kids and a scary, uncertain future.

Meanwhile, Kevin was stuck in an endless loop of depression, self-sabotage, and alcohol addiction. (Both had not met yet.)

In order to provide for her kids, Christy got a job at an SEO agency and quickly learned the ropes of the business, becoming their top salesperson in her first year. She did it through hard work and sheer willpower, annoying other SEOs with too many questions.

Kevin and Christy eventually crossed paths (eHarmony), fell in love, married, began marathoning, then co-founded Cadence out of Christy’s frustration that her employer ripped people off.

They vowed to start an honest and selfless company that would put people above profit. Even if it stung sometimes. 

Kevin and Christy, founders of Cadence

I was recruited to join Cadence after they had some success, and it was serendipitous.

Both of them reached out to me alone and at the same time, without the other knowing or having discussed it.

I’m here because believe in them and in what we’re doing. 

And I think you might, too. 

Why don’t you book a call to see if we can help you?

You can learn more about us on our ugly website. Kevin made it himself in under an hour 🙂

We’re actually in the middle of a rebrand and website refresh. 

Scroll to the footer and you’re one of first to see our new logo. I just couldn’t wait to plaster it on something 😅

If you want to follow along and see how we approach and execute the Cadence rebrand, follow Cadence and/or me (Janssen) on LinkedIn. 

You can also read client reviews on Clutch and Design Rush

Will you really make me name-drop Boingo, the largest wireless internet provider in the world, which operates WiFi for McDonald’s and major airports globally? They loved us so much that they referred us to TruConnect, who moonshot organic conversions by 10,000% with our help.

truconnect data

I feel so slimy sharing that 5-digit % increase but you made me do it with another reminder:

$300 if you leave the free strategy session thinking it was a waste of time, so book now.

P.S. In 2023, we’re raising our rates so we can provide exceptional SEO consulting to even more people.

To make my first LinkedIn ad extra special, anyone who books a strategy session through this campaign can lock in our extremely competitive rates for life, which will never be this low again. It’s like an SEO Lambo for the price of a Honda.

Let’s say you book the strategy session now, but it takes your organization one year to commit. We’ll still honor this deal.

What if it takes ten years?

Shoot. If you remember this promo 10 years from now, come find me and I’ll do your SEO free.

– Janssen 

Director, SEO at Cadence

Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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P.S.S. If you’ve read this far, I think it’s safe to say you’re someone who does the research and follows through on things and not just a mindless social scroller. Let’s schedule a time to talk.