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Your Quick Guide to Meta Descriptions

Meta Description

The meta description may just be a snippet of information, but it is essential for on-page SEO. While meta descriptions don’t necessarily help with rankings, they can surely help with click-through rates if they are informative and compelling.  After all,…

Why Is Mobile SEO Important?

Mobile SEO

In this ever-changing world, where people are constantly on the go, the ubiquity of mobile searches cannot be ignored anymore. Neither can mobile SEO. Did you know that approximately half of the global website traffic is generated by mobile devices?…

Should I Write Seasonal Content?

Should I Write Seasonal Content?

To write or not to write seasonal content? That is the dilemma of the 21st-century content writer. And the response is…to definitely write topical content! While we have established the importance of evergreen content, one doesn’t neutralize the other; they…