The Marketer’s Guide to B2B PPC Marketing

When some marketing teams hear the term PPC marketing, they cringe a little bit. That’s because they’ve been groomed to believe that PPC marketing is an ineffective marketing tactic that will simply tank your brand’s credibility. While many B2C consumers may not prefer the use of PPC ads, the same isn’t necessarily true for your B2B consumers. Curious how B2B PPC marketing could benefit your brand? Then you’re in the right place.

Understanding B2B PPC Marketing

So, what is B2B PPC marketing? In short, PPC marketing stands for pay-per-click marketing, which is an advertising method that involves placing an ad on a platform that is not your own. Marketers pay to have their ad placed on these platforms, and in return, they get exposure to a greater audience.

The B2B PPC marketing process involves bidding on ad placements, and the person who wins the bid is granted the best position where their ad will have the greatest exposure. This is why PPC marketing can be challenging because it doesn’t necessarily ensure that you will see the desired results for the amount of money you are paying. However, research shows that 79% of marketers believe that PPC marketing is extremely beneficial for their business.

Benefits of B2B PPC Marketing

So, why do so many B2B marketing teams believe that PPC ads are so beneficial? For several reasons:

  • Get’s your brand noticed quickly by your ideal audience.
  • Easy to monitor and measure, providing you with valuable data.
  • Contributes significantly to business goals.
  • Allows you to target specific audience members.

4 B2B PPC Marketing Strategies and Best Practices

With research showing that brand awareness can be increased by 80% through PPC ads, such as Google Ads, it’s no wonder that many marketing teams are showing a greater interest in B2B PPC marketing. Curious how this method works? Here are four B2B PPC marketing strategies and best practices commonly used by B2B marketing teams:

1. Break Your Audience Up into Precise Ad Groups

This step is crucial! To properly optimize your B2B PPC marketing campaigns, you need to take the time to break up your audience into precise groups. This will allow you to create hyper-targeted ads that don’t cost you nearly as much to run.

The more precise your ad groups, the better you can target specific individuals using specific keywords. Not only that, but it also ensures you’re reaching the right people at the right point in their customer journey, i.e., those willing to act now vs. those who need more nurturing.

2. Conduct Keyword Research

Keyword research isn’t only beneficial for creating content in the form of blogs, newsletters, and social media posts. When B2B consumers are researching solutions, they will type in very specific keywords into their preferred search engine. If you want to be seen by those ready to act, you need to make sure you are being extremely specific with the keywords you are using.

3. Craft Relevant Ad Copy

Depending on where your PPC ad is being placed, you will only have so much room for written copy.

For example, those using Google Ads only have up to 90 characters for each description they include (up to two) and 30 characters for each headline they use (up to three). So, if you were to use all three headlines and both descriptions, that would give you a total of 270 characters. Remember, characters are individual letters, numbers, symbols, and spaces. So that means you have very little room to work with, and you need to make your ad copy as effective as possible.

Keep it short, sweet, and to the point! If you’re using the right keywords and phrases, this isn’t nearly as challenging as you may think.

Finally, you want to make sure you are hyperlinking your ads to very specific landing pages. If you’re looking to use PPC ads for B2B lead generation, one of the best landing pages to link to is an email newsletter opt-in. If your ad is targeted for a specific product or service, the ad needs to be hyperlinked directly to a product or service landing page.

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